The Nexus 7 is still a fresh product, having just reached the loving hands of people who preordered it. As expected, the first problems have been spotted and they include ghosting effects, the fact that he glass may lift up on one corner of the tablet, because of a faulty build and now this: problems with responsiveness.

Ryan from is the one who found the problem, that’s detailed in the video below. The vid shows that the right side of the slate, when held in portrait mode doesn’t respond to touch input as it should. It loses connection with the finger somehow and Ryan says that the problem is intermittent and varies in severity, so it’s not always present. For example, resetting the tablet makes it go away for a bit, but then it may come back again. The easiest way to discover if your Nexus 7 has these problems is testing an Nvidia Tegra game.

Ryan says that the issue may be related with heat, as the issue diminishes when the slate isn’t performing graphically intense tasks, such as playing a HD game. The folks of Pocketables did this test and they didn’t have any trouble with the device, so it’s yet another issue blown out of proportion, a mere isolated case, that will never happen again.