The Google Nexus 7 is starting to look like a hit and it’s such a big success, that new users are having a hard time getting hold of a unit these days. Slashgear notes that the Nexus 7 slate is sold out all over the States and now the Google Play Store lists the 16GB unit as “coming soon”, without an option to buy one.

The 8GB model is also listed as coming in 3-5 business days, when it comes to shipping. Other retailers list the product as simply sold out and inside sources claim that big retailers are having a very hard time with resupplying, since the battle for the new product is great. GameStop, Staples and Office Depot all sell the device, but none of them have any units left. The retailers only sell the 16GB slate, the same one that’s moving like hot cakes at Google’s own store.

Some of the stores out there are taking pre-orders for the next shipment, but one such move of stocks is only expected to come next month. An eBay search reveals that the Nexus 7 is selling for over $200 in the 8GB and $250 list prices, since it’s a rare item these days. Users are even asking as high as $300 for them! However, if you don’t want eBay, you have to wait till the next restocking…

  • Gmailman

    typical apple style hype, make only a few, they sell out and its proclaimed a hit. Sad.