Remember the traditional Google Ninja Unboxing that their Nexus phone had till now? Well, there’s one for the Nexus 7 too, this time involving UFC champion George St-Pierre, who plays the role of celebrity unboxer Dr. Paul. It all starts quietly with the champ by himself and then ninjas arrive and start messing up the place, searching for the quad core $200 slate.

Stop motion action is available here all the way and you must know that the whole video was filmed/animated by the same guy who was responsible with past Ninja unboxings: Patrick Boivin. Of course, the unboxing per se is certainly left aside and you very little of the tablet and very much of the ninja fighting vs the UFC guy. The device is merely shown as a black slab that could be anything, from the iPad Mini to a black piece of plastic.

What’s very strange is that this video appears as updated in July last year, which is pretty strange, unless Google had the product in the works since then. However, considering they don’t show much of the device in the video, we could be dealing with a 2011 video! If you look around the apartment it’s filled with Jelly Beans, Android toys and other stuff like that.