Well, the info about the next Wii keeps pouring in and this time we learn that the console will use an 8 button controller with a screen measuring 6.2 inches in diagonal. This accessory will also sport a camera and two analog sticks, so this sounds more like a gaming tablet, than a controller for your “desktop” console.

With Sony supposedly working on a gaming tablet of its own, it would be a smart move to launch a device that’s both a fixed gaming hub and a portable one. There could be two approaches to this innovation: one, to use the huge controller as the “other screen”, aside from the one of the TV and the other to completely rely on the Nintendo slate. Two screens would make the Wii a giant DS honestly‚Ķ

We wonder if the camera on board points to the surrounding environment or the player, or maybe to both, since the mechanism swivels, according to rumors. E3 can’t come soon enough!