VTech is apparently a brand that’s been associated with electronics for kids for a while now and it appears that they have 3 new slates for this segment. These are the InnoTab MAX, the 3S and the 3 Plus, shown below.


This is actually the fourth generation of InnoTab Android tablets for the little ones, with education but also entertainment in mind. The lowest level model is the InnoTab 3 Plus, that’s supposed to be an affordable entry level option for children. Then comes the 3S Plus, which is pretty much like the 3 Plus, only with more content on board this time and WiFi in the mix.

The high point is the VTech InnoTab MAX, a 7 inch slate with a high resolution display, fast WiFi and a multi core processor. VTech didn’t exactly detail the product as far as specs go. We do get some extra software details, like Android learning content via the Learning Lodge, selections of apps and games for kids, from 2 to 9 years of age and for parents kid safe WiFi, Premium Kid Connect and more safety locks.

Expect the higher end unit to come this fall and the other two sooner.