The brand Aakash from India is associated with some very affordable and also reasonably specced tablets, that are destined for students. The OEM of this brand is Datawind, that now proposes a fourth generation of slates.


The Indian government was behind every tablet release, subsidizing its price and making the device cost as little as $35 at some point. The government wants to make the low cost slate available to students attending classes in the 25k colleges and 400 universities in India. The proposed specs of Aakash IV have already been posted on websites and we’re dealing with a 7 inch model with a weight of 500 grams.

The device will be about 3 quarters of an inch thick and it will come with 1 GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 4 GB of storage, a microSD card slot with support for 32 GB and a battery that will probably at least 5 hours of web browsing. The same battery should provide 3 hours of video playback in 720p. The slate will be a dual boot one and alternative between Ubuntu and Android.

The recommended price will be once again super low, at $24.65.