Apple is at again, with fresh ads for its products, the iPad Pro this time. They’re no longer promoting the productivity this time, but rather the fun you can have with such a device. The iPad Pro is showing as a gaming device, with all of its augmented reality features.

The Cupertino firm is actually the driving force behind AR, after unveiling ARKit last year during WWDC 2017. The first ad shows a kid gaming on the iPad Pro with iOS 11, setting up furniture and other items in real time. The other ad shows the same kid preparing a science paper, by using the tablet and the Apple Pencil, like we did when we were young and used a pad or pencil.

If you look closely, you’ll see the kid dragging a file fro the Files app to the document. This is a gesture associated to iOS 11 more than anything. Drawing, typing, dragging and dropping are all part of the experience. iPad sales had a good 2017, since they finally grew after a period of decline. Apple managed to make iPad sales jump 15% year over year in the June quarter and 28% compared to the previous 3 months.

Now let’s see what the 2018 iPads will bring… probably Face ID action and OLED.