Up until now people in Europe who wanted to get the New iPad got a listing of a 1-2 week delivery delay in the UK, France and Germany at least. Now, the delivery estimate has been halved and you’ll only have to wait a couple of days to get your Retina Display-based slate.

The new and updated shipping time is 7 business days, so weekends are not included. Of course, there’s always the option of rushing to the nearest Apple Store, if you country has one. In store stocks haven’t had any problems lately, so you should be safe. In Japan shipments for online New iPad orders are down to a mere 3-5 business days. Right now, Apple’s latest tablet is selling in over 30 different countries, including many European nations, South Korea and North America.

We have yet to receive some sales figures for this product, but considering that the first weekend of availability brought 3 million units, I’d say it’s safe to assume they passed 10 million units by now. In other news, Apple is supposed to have met with problems with it comes to supplies of Retina Display panels. Sharp and LG display are struggling to meet demand, so maybe it’s time for Samsung to step in and do extra work.