While Apple has received a lot of bad press, criticism and even sanctions in Australia, for promoting fake 4G connectivity for the iPad 3, now it’s time for the UK regulators to also analyze a similar claim. Britain’s advertising regulator is looking into launching an inquiry on Apple’s marketing or not, as far as the new iPad is concerned.

Some UK customers are claiming that the ads shown lately are misleading, as far as 4G connectivity is concerned, especially since there are no 4G networks in the country yet. Advertising Standards Authority said that 24 complaints were made about claims on Apple’s website regarding the 4G functionality of the iPad. The investigation is not sure to take place, but if the complaints pile up something official might start. In Australia Apple was forced to offer refunds to buyers of the new iPad who wanted to return their tablets that didn’t have LTE connectivity as promised… or better said, there was no network to use them on.

So, considering how many 4G ready devices are about to debut, all of the handset and tablet makers out there best be careful and advertise properly their products. What’s the point of bragging about high download speeds on a service that doesn’t even exist in some countries?!