We’ve heard about the Nav 9 multitouch tablet a while back, but now it seems that its specs have been updated, as well as its initial pricing. Since the $1200 price tag seemed huge at the time, the guys at Netbook Navigator tweaked it a bit, reaching the entry level price of $799. For this amount of cash you get a multitouch resistive screen, Windows Home Premium and a 16GB SSD.

If you’ll argue that the iPad is only $499, keep in mind that this tablet can do most things that you can also do on a desktop, including the support for USB printers, Skype, Bluetooth and USB keyboards. Of course, full Adobe Flash is also on board and YouTube HD as well (take that iPad!).

Multitasking is also on the specs list of the Nav 9 tablet, but the main flaw of this device is certainly its battery life, a mere 2.5 hours of functioning. However, you can pay an extra $50 for a larger battery, 3G and a larger SSD.

[via umpcportal]