While some may argue that the Samsung Galaxy S II was the most powerful smartphone at MWC 2011, in Barcelona, actually we were more impressed by the Motorola Atrix, that we took for a spin. You can see the result in the video below and notice how this gizmo can turn a TV into a PC and work with a laptop with ease.

Motorola Atrix is the very first 4 inch qHD display handset and under its hood we find a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU, plus 1GB of RAM. At the back, this phone sports a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video capture, but we’re not here to mention specs, but rather be amazed with you as the Atrix “takes over” PCs, laptops and TVs.

Using the webTop mode, you can turn the handset into some sort of a remote control for your computer and play in full screen mode on the PC display either games or media. The same thing applies once you place the Motorola device into a dock near a TV or a special laptop dock that brings its interface on the bigger device.

Watch and be amazed!