Remember the problems of the ASUS Transformer Prime quad core tablet? They were related to the WiFi connectivity and to the GPS and the latter aspect is still in trouble, according to people who performed the update that was supposed to fix the slate. The info comes from members of the XDA Developers forums, who claim that the signal went from weak to zero after the update.

I’m talking about the second update after the upgrade to Android 4.0 for this device. Some user even claims he left the tablet on the window sill for 25 minutes, with zero satellites being picked up by the tablet’s GPS sensor. ASUS previously said that the unibody metallic design of the Transformer Prime is the one to blame for the GPS issues, or at least partially it is. It also interfaces with the signal reaching the sensor, according to people in the know.

The TF7000 unit, the one that follows the first Prime and brings a higher resolution display, also corrects the connectivity issues and replaces the design with a more efficient one. Apple is also expected to debut a new design on the iPad 3, one that also boosts signals and gets rid of all potential problems. I’m still waiting for a technology that doesn’t bother the antennae on mobile devices… In the meantime I’d recommend the people who said that the GPS is not working indoors to actually get out of the house and try it.