Motorola is going to bring one of its most appealing Moto Mods, the Moto GamePad to the market in August, as a Verizon exclusive it seems. Greatly expanding the scope of a smartphone in the gaming area, this gizmo actually turns the Moto Zs into a sort of a portable console rival.

The Moto GamePad has a pretty typical layout, “hugging” the smartphone into a hardware embrace, that brings pins to the back and vital components to the side. There’s a D pad on the left, dual thumbsticks, action buttons on the right. Even shoulder buttons have made the cut. This gadget is going to include a 1035 mAh battery, supposed to expand the play time a bit.

Once again, Verizon will be selling this exclusively and it’ll start shipping on August 25th, priced at $79.99, which is not bad considering what Logitech, Razer or other companies are charging for similar products. The good thing is that unlike Bluetooth controllers, this one doesn’t suffer from lag. Preorders are available here and you should know that Moto keeps churning out modules, so expect more till the year is out.