Although it was seen as one of the major iPad rivals, Motorola’s Xoom tablet remains a poor seller, according to analysts. Motorola Mobility is supposed to release its first quarter earnings on Thursday and experts predict that Moto will announce it shipped 200,000 Xooms, according to an AP report.

Analyst Pierre Ferragu from Sanford Bernstein supports this theory, while another analyst is starting to question whether or not the new Motorola will survive in this climate, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdry is the one with this gloomy prediction, also saying that 120,000 is the max number of units sold by Moto over the last months.

The low end of all estimations is 25,000, which would be a catastrophe for the US company. When you compare these numbers to the 1 million iPad 2 units sold by Apple on its first weekend, everything pales…

  • Because it is price way to high.. It’s not rocket science..

  • ikkuh

    New on the tablet market you must compete. $800 isn’t competitive at all. Nothing on earth make me buy a $800,00 tablet even when it is the best money can buy.