After weeks of speculations regarding a Motorola Xoom follow-up, the Xoom 2 seems to be real, having just passed the FCC. We’re talking here about the LTE version of the Xoom, possibly also including some other updated specifications.

It all started with the image below, showing a beautiful woman and an even more beautiful tablet, that was identified by some as the next Xoom. Now, since the new Motorola unit visited the FCC, complete with LTE, we’re all set for launch. The FCC documents have the device listed as the IHDP56LU2, but this codename doesn’t reveal any detail, sadly.

What’s certain (from the document) is that the new slate will come with WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA and LTE. It will measure 259 mm in length and 166 mm in width, being a bit longer than the first Xoom. The tablet will come with a preinstalled LTE modem and we can’t help but wonder what will happen with the Xoom updates we were promised, for 4G connectivity.