Think of this huge Android panel as a tablet, if you will, or maybe just another display hooked to an Android device via HDMI… Well, the thing is that we’re dealing in fact with a 32 inch multitouch surface, that responds to the input very well, be it in typing of pinching and zooming.

SKR Technology is behind this project, that includes a 32 inch digital signage display, that runs on Android 2.3. This prototype will reach commercialization phase in September and we learn tat it comes with a USB and HDMI port and support full HD resolution. SKR also wants to release 23 and 46 inch versions of the product, selling around 100 such displays every year.

More info can be found in the video below, if you’re curious. Imagine huge panels like these on the subway or in arcade rooms, generation hours of fun of allowing you access info in various locations.