The video you can see below seems to be a hint regarding Nokia’s very first tablet, that’s most likely MeeGo material. Well, several other hints related to a mystery “Tabco” have been appearing lately, like the disappearance of a Twitter account called WeAreTabCo, that was followed by some popular people in the Meego world.

There’s a viral campaign taking off right now and it seems Nokia could be behind it. Also at the end of this article you’ll find a focus group, with very interesting discussions. They talk about the iPad, the Microsoft laptops and the PadFone, plus Xoom and other Android tablets. What’s left? Well, it could be HP, or… Nokia.

We hear lots of about swiping, a fantastic UI, this being the new Android and claims that this is entirely different. Last we find out that “it’s a big long for HP”, so there you have it: it’s either HP or Nokia. Tabco was also teased at WWDC, that’s a very bold move, especially near Apple’s Moscone Center event, where a plane spelled the name of the product on the sky.

Could we expect a Nokia Tabco tablet?