There’s one nifty way of uncovering upcoming products: searching for new web domains purchased by big companies. This was the method for discovering one potential name for Motorola’s upcoming 4G LTE tablet: KORE. It seems the company wants to use this branding for its first Android Ice Cream Sandwich device.

Fusible found that there are five new domains –,,,, and registered by Motorola Mobility this week. Right now they lead to an error page, but in they future they might detail the new product. We expect this slate to follow the XOOM, that has been considered the Nexus tablet, since it was the first with Honeycomb on board.

Sadly, the XOOM didn’t sell well and the initial $800 price played a big part in that. With Android 4.0, 4G LTE and maybe a more affordable price, the new device could become a hit. Well, at least some people will buy it to get a taste of an OS called Ice Cream Sandwich… We expect a 7 or 8.9 inch display on this newcomer. What are your expectations?