Pierre Cardin already had a tablet in its luxurious portofolio and now here they are again with another model. This one is smaller, as it has a 7 inch diagonal screen, but it’s the name of the designer you’re paying for here, remember that.

This new model, the Pierre Cardin PC-7006 is seen as UK’s first designer tablet and comes with Froyo. Aside from this almost antique OS, we also get a 1GHz Samsung S5PV210 Cortex A8 CPU, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. There’s a microSD card slot for extra internal memory and built in WiFi. Worry not, as you’ll also get 3G through a separate dongle.

You’ll pay 275 quid for the luxury of owning such a device, that weighs 520 grams and measures 14mm in thickness. There’s also a cool gift box thrown in for fun. And don’t worry about the camera… there’s a 1.3MP snapper in there.