People with hearing problems will now have an easier life, thanks to the MotionSavvy invention, that involves a tablet app that can read sign language. The device uses the power of the Leap Motion controller in order to translate American Sign Language into English and vice versa.


The team behind this project includes 6 persons who are deaf and they achieved this great task together. The 3D motion recognition from Leap is embedded here and it can detect when a person is using ASL and converts the sign language to text or voice. There’s also voice recognition via the tablet’s mic and allows a hearing person to respond with voice to a person signing.

Then the voice is converted to text, so the hearing impaired user can understand it. The prototype only understands about 100 words right now, but with crowdsourcing and future developments we’ll get to a more solid number, that would make the solution viable. Over 800 deaf people have signed up for the beta test by the way and there’s hope that a finalized product may come next fall.