Yet another optimistic startup hopes to change the way we do input on tablets. This time it’s a San Jose tech company, that’s using crowdfunding to get a new tablet going, one based on E-Ink technology.

Team UC is behind it and it has just entered the last weeks of a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. MobiScribe is the result, an E-Ink based mobile device that aims to mimic the pen on paper experience. The likes of Kindle and Nook rule the segment of E-Ink, but other small companies are trying to break the monopoly.

Some provide custom styli for writing and drawing. MobiScribe has a 6.8 inch backlit screen, 8 GB of storage and a microSD card slot. The stylus it uses is battery-free and it runs on a tweaked Android, with support for all major reading formats. It can also support the special files used for comic books and the likes.

All of the note taking on the device happens in .note file format, but can be exported as PDFs. The core unit sells for $214 and 480 such units have been reserved. It appears that 490 units have already reached buyers with good reviews following them. The last we heard, Team UC had raised $346.000 and it doesn’t have a clear end date for the Indiegogo campaign.

The company has been working with E-Ink tech for 30 years, in areas like advertising, digital signs or shelf tags.