Ideum is the company behind a huge multitouch coffee table with Android that was recently spotted running Minecraft Pocket Edition, in case you dig this idea of fun. This is basically a giant tablet in your living room…

screen shot 2014-04-11 at 4.23.29 pm

The device is a 46 inch interactive coffee table and Ideum usually makes such tables and walls of this kind. You’re stuck in that blocky world on the huge screen if you pay $6,950 for the Platform Multitouch Coffee Table and that’s the starting price! The tables are also available in 32 inch and 46 inch sizes, using 3M projected capacitive touch surfaces.

The design has been ruggedized to face liquid spills, since this is a coffee table after all. Such devices are seen nowadays in McDonald’s locations and KFCs, for example, but they’re also becoming popular in kindergartens. The company behind them offers rentals not only sales in US and Canada, so you can host your own Minecraft party if you want.