Big Brother is certainly not as followed as it used to be back in the early 2000s, but it does spark some interest in some areas of the world. Apparently, the UK version is still pretty popular and the latest challenge the contestants are facing is getting  a Microsoft Surface tablet.


Microsoft has signed a deal with UK broadcaster Channel 5 to have the Surface family of Windows tablets advertised on the popular TV show. At first sight this may seem like a bad decision, since Big Brother has sometimes been a source of profanity and controversy. However, it appears that this season is taking a technological theme, apparently, so the Surface fits right in.

The product placement deal will have the house mates using the Surface tablet for weekly nominations regarding who they wish to kick out the house. The slates will also be used for shopping and other tasks, possibly also games. If this carries on for long enough, they may as well rebrand the show to Bing Brother…