The LTE version of the Microsoft Surface Pro was rumored to have been delayed till 2018 at some point, but then Microsoft clarified the matter and promised a release this year. Now we have even more ample details, with the device coming with LTE-Advanced in December.

The device has global connectivity and fast transfer speeds, courtesy of a Category 9 4G LTE modem. Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Advanced supports 20 cellular bands and offers download speeds of up to 450 Mbps. Microsoft actually claims this is the “fastest LTE-enabled laptop in its class”. They probably compared it to the older Surface models, with a Category 6 modem, at 300 Mbps tops.

Specs aren’t clearly detailed, but we are expecting the base model to come with an Intel Core i5 processor, priced at $1149. The extra connectivity adds around $150 to the cost of the device. The most affordable Surface Pro with Core i5 CPU can be bought for $999, but there’s also a higher specced unit, with double the storage and RAM (256 GB and 8 GB), at $1299.

Keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t yet list the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced on its online store, but it only mentions availability for business customers. So, things are just as we left them: December it is.