NTT DoCoMo may be known by some as a carrier, but you should also know it comes up with some pretty interesting devices and inventions. Among them we find the “Tomokaku”, an item that may just change the way we learn and work together. This device lets you share handwritten notes among devices located in remote areas.

It’s sort of like Team Viewer, but with real time syncing of handwritten notes. Tomokaku was announced yesterday, as a sort of whiteboard terminal. You can use a stylus on it and the aim here is to “focus on the intergenerational gap in communication”. It’s supposed to help the elderly communicate with the young. The device connects to the Internet and lets you share handwritten content between devices found at remote locations.

Those who use special pens can use the product like a normal whiteboard too. They can draw, write, erase easily all the content, without needing complex settings or anything like that. Everybody can handle the device easily. DoCoMo also wants to participate in a special event organized at the National Museum of Emerging Science in November, where they’ll be showcasing tech and lifestyle items associated with 5G tech.