Not long ago, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Hub, a huge tablet designed for the business environment, product that can easily replace a standard board and to offer advanced features. As you might know, this slate comes with a 84-inch display, a size indeed huge.


Today, we get to know that the product price tag will be $20.000, so the tablet isn’t designed for all of us, regular users. According to Microsoft, anyone who buys the tablet will be getting terrific value for their money. Microsoft explained that in an average conference room, Surface Hub replaces a number of disparate tools and technologies, including the audio-video conferencing system.


Also, there’s no need for a standalone display, projector, wireless receiver or the analog/digital whiteboard. So all these objects will disappear from the conference rooms, leaving more space for what is essential. We get to know that Surface Hub will start shipping in September this year to 24 different countries. How many units Microsoft will sell? We don’t know yet!