It’s a well known fact that tablets aren’t doing very well in 2015, with their growth decreasing and the general share of the product dropping all over the world. Even the iPad and Samsung tablets have been struck by this negative trend. Anyway, in the meantime we get a glimpse of what’s coming next, courtesy of a German media executive.


Mathias Doepfner is his name and he claims that digital paper is ready to replace tablets. The future of news involves consuming it on electronic paper, embedded into ultraslim flexible devices. Sony is at the forefront of this innovation, but their products based on digital paper cost quite a bit. One Sony Digital Paper System goes for $799 on the company’s US Website.

It’s a one page 13.3 inch flexible e-paper screen aimed at professional segments like lawyers and executives. European media outlets have had to come up with unusual and innovative initiatives to keep their businesses afloat, as the web news and app news ate into their already small market share. In front of Google and Facebook’s news-related projects, it’s very hard to come up with something new.

Could digital paper save the media but kill tablets?