Microsoft Surface Duo was unveiled on October 1st 2019 and promised for a debut in the holiday season of 2020. It was first unveiled with a Snapdragon 855 CPU and without a camera and up until now we didn’t even get a solid specs list leak. That happens today and things still sound bad.

First of all, the device appeared much slimmer in the early 2020 leak and also got a camera. Now Windows Central is reporting that the CPU has stayed the same, a Snapdragon 855, even though many were expecting an upgrade to a Snapdragon 865. There’s also 6 GB of RAM it seems, plus 64 GB or 256 GB of storage and a microSD card slot. Also, the Surface Duo is not 5G ready and it’ll come with two 5.6 inch screens, each with 1800 x 1350 pixel resolutions.

These are AMOLED panels, that offer a pixel density of 401 and will be compatible with the Surface Pen. Camera-wise, this foldable packs a single 11 megapixel sensor, which is placed above the screen and it will be used as both a selfie shooter and a main camera. These are definitely not exciting specs and Microsoft is not the type of company to bring the price down to compensate for that. We’re also getting a 3460 mAh battery, that charges fast via USB-C and also sounds rather small.

There’s no NFC or wireless charging. Android 10 is available as the OS with a Microsoft launcher. It’s very hard for me to predict a price that would be acceptable for this product. I think that $800 hits the spot, but $1500 is more likely.