If you’re looking to get a Surface tablet, but you can’t exactly afford the latest model, you may as well get the Surface 2, since it has received a price cut. The device is now $100 cheaper, following a cut.


The 32 GB model will now set you back $349.99 and I should probably mention that we’re talking about the ARM version here, not the fill Windows one. The main drawback is the lack of ability to run legacy apps, but you do get Office with it. There’s also access to the Windows Store and entertainment options. The Microsoft Surface 2 comes with a 10.6 inch display, that has a1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, it runs on Nvidia Tegra 4 and the cheaper model features 2 GB of RAM, plus 32 GB of storage and a microSD card slot.

This device was launched last fall and at $349, it’s a bit of a bargain, although a similar amount can get you some nifty tablets like maybe an iPad Mini Retina, or if you add a bit more cash the Galaxy Tab S. But then again, they aren’t as productivity oriented as the bigger Surface 2, right?