Microsoft had at some point plans to make a device called the Courier, a tablet and e-book combo that went viral last year and finally got cancelled. This model was supposed to be pen based and focused on writing and drawing, with handwriting recognition included and a lot of specific apps and services. Now Microsoft may resurrect the idea, but in software format.

Developers at Microsoft created Project Austin, a Windows 8 app that’s based on the visual concept of a notebook. You can choose various types of paper and paste photos, use a pen to doodle or draw, but there’s no typing or searching, or other elements that would complicate the experience. Project Austin doesn’t have a launch date, but it will most likely happen after October 26th, when Windows 8 goes live. Programmers can already download the source of the Courier-like project, to check it out and see what they can get out of it.

At its core, Austin is a note taking app for Windows 8, but in the hands of the right doodler t can be so much more. It integrates the cloud, allows multimedia integration, it’s very easy to use and is very fast and efficient. The options and UI elements are easily accessible and handy.