MediaTek is a chipset maker from Taiwan, who made the news two months ago when it unveiled the world’s first true octa core processor, as they call it. That one consisted of 8 Cortex A7 cores, that are able to operate simultaneously. And now the fight with Qualcomm is on…


In the meantime ARM has announced Cortex A17 technology, with a 60% improvement on the performance of the current generation A9 models. Back to MediaTek, they are sampling a new octa core chip these days, one that relies on 4 2.2 to 2.5 GHz A17 cores and 4 1.7 GHz A7 ones and also comes with the brand new Rogue PowerVR Series 6 GPU. Does this sound worrying to Qualcomm?

Well, compared to the Snapdragon 800 and 805 these chips may actually be a problem, but Qualcomm could launch its own new CPU, probably with 64 bit architecture and an even newer GPU. By the way, MediaTek’s new solution is called MT6595 and it’s supposed to be the first octa core LTE system on chip with H.265 Ultra HD codec built in to the platform. This mean you get 4K2K video recording and playback support. Expect a release on devices in the second half of the year.