There’s a new tablet out there called Loop, a product that was unveiled back at CES 2016 and now it’s finally up for order. The product is supposed to be some sort of kitchen TV, although with Netflix lacking, it’s not exactly so.


The body feels more like an appliance and this device is meant to help you be connected with family and friends. It also works as a photo viewer, a family album of sorts, although who has that in the kitchen? The device has a rotating dial, that helps you scroll through pics. Video chat is also available luckily, so you can have grandma deliver the favour pie recipe straight near the stove.


There’s Dropbox, Instagram and Facebook integration and things get interesting through voice command. Loop also has a mobile app and YouTube support. Gesture control is available as well, by the way. The slate pairs to phones via WiFi, using the companion iOS or Android app we mentioned before. It comes with an SD card slot and it design is so retro futuristic, that it feels like it should be on the game Fallout.

The price is $199.