Logitech is probably the most famous maker of iPad cases, joysticks or other accessories for Apple’s slate and today they strengthen that image thanks to a new release. They’ve just announced the flexible AnyAngle cases for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini.


The AnyAngle case offers both protection and flexibility, since the accessory is able to sit at any angle within a 50 degree range, allowing the user to choose his favourite position of the iPad. The accessories come in a variety of color schemes and you’ll find them in stores this month. The stand of the AnyAngle folds entirely behind the iPad, giving birth to a clean and minimalist look, both in stand mode and flat mode.

Magnets are employed to secure the stand behind the iPad and hold the angle even during motion. The product is designed to be thin and light enough not to diminish the ultraslim aspect of the iPad Air 2. We get a rubberized frame integrated into the case, protecting the iPad from bumps and drops. Black, violent and teal versions of the product will be available at launch.