Nobody seems to miss the iPad in India, where the tablet isn’t available yet, mostly because companies like Notion Ink and iProf are catering to the needs of the public with rival products. iProf is a company that targets the Indian education market, with slates that aren’t available for sale, but they’ll be delivered to students that take part in the company’s programs.

The iProf slates are meant to revolutionize the way Indian students learn and evolve, with the study material being available in multiple formats (animations, audio/video lectures, performance analysis and more). Moving on to another local business, Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is a familiar face you’ve seen on our site, a very promising product.

Adam was supposed to launch in June or July in the US, but it’s now being delayed till Thanksgiving for unknown reasons. However, the Indian market debut will take place first and we learn that Notion Ink will get a financial contribution thanks to Reliance Industries Limited, an Indian conglomerate company interested in this market segment.

[via shanzai]