Lenovo has just detailed the future products it’s going to launch, among which there are two Honeycomb tablets and a Windows 7 model. COO Rory Read is saying that Lenovo’s consumer slate will be the IdeaPad K1, also known as the LePad and leaked back in April.

The LePad packs a dual core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of memory, WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI out. Nothing impressive here, but the right price will surely make the different. The ThinkPad model is certainly more appealing, as it comes with a stylus for “signature capture” and it should pack a Tegra 2 CPU and “keyboard accessory” that will make it a small notebook.

IdeaPad K1 (LePad) will reach the US in July, while the ThinkPad model will be available a month later. If you’re wondering about prices, expect somewhere around $450 to $900, which is pretty vague, if you ask me. The Windows 7 model doe not get us excited to be honest, since there are already Windows 8 prototypes in the making.