We’re very familiar with Remix OS, since we’ve been playing with the Cube i7 Remix tablet for the past weeks and that model has that exact OS. It’s an Android-based platform with desktop-like elements included and now it has come to Windows.

Remix OS for PC-970-80

Jide is the company behind it and they’re also known for making a bit of a Microsoft Surface clone. Remix OS lets Android apps run in resizable and collapsible windows, which is great for productivity and multitasking. There’s also a taskbar, a memory cleaner and tile-based Quick Settings. Support for gestures is also included, so swiping in from the right shows a notification tray.

The platform is available as a free download and it’s built on the Android-x86 project. Remix OS 2.0 will be up for download later this month completely from free and it’ll be able to be saved on a flash drive. All you need is an USB 3.0 flash drive and a PC with legacy USB boot to get Remix going. This release has a very nice UI, with unique and good looking icons and a very intuitive experience.

It’s not yet clear if applying this platform impacts battery life.