Digitimes Research has a new study claiming that 7 inch tablet prices are set to continue dropping over the next period. In USA the lowest price point for a 7 inch slate dropped to $79 this month, according to the same source.


The 7 inch tablet specs are converging and prices are declining. Samsung’s 7 inch slates are still relatively high priced, but they will face more pressure from their rivals, probably keeling and adopting lower prices. A trend that has also been spotted is the fact that the prices of 8 inch tablets are declining as well. Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer have recently released 8 inch models, increasing competition in the segment.

On the 10 inch tablet market we’ve got the Acer Switch 10 detachable Windows tablet that goes against the ASUS T100. The problem is that the Switch 10 has a pretty weak price to performance ratio, making it difficult for Acer to move the product. And then there’s the upcoming HTC Volantis tablet, that may once again marry good price with good specs…