The guys of RatedRR are fun to follow, because they pull some crazy and interesting stunts, usually related to weapons. Below you can watch one such stunt, that involves an iPad to make it happen. The video is also used a promo for the movie Lucy by Luc Besson and it shows how to split a bullet with a machete.

ipad rated r

The guy in the video fires .22 caliber gun at a machete, with the blade facing him. Then the bullet is split into two and if I remember well, the guys of Mythbusters tried this, but they had a much harder time at it. The shrapnel in the video pops two balloons, proving it does happen. The shot is made twice with success and the iPad is merely used as a mirror. That’s quite a way to relegate a slate from being pierced by bullets to merely being used as a mirror.

Such promo vids make us wonder who’s paying for the promotion: Apple, Lucy’s producers or gun makers? Anyway, a mere piece of glass or standard mirror would been enough to replace the iPad. Nowadays, with so many TV shows relying on Windows and Windows Phone devices, seeing an iPad uses for promo isn’t shocking anymore.