Apparently, the tablet devices are starting to be more and more popular this year as we found out from Digitimes that inform us about a new study made by the research company IDC. According to this new study, it seems that the global tablet market grow in the 2nd quarter of 2014 with up to 11% compared to the same period of last year.


We find out that 49.3 million tablets were shipped worldwide this quarter. Yet, the tablet shipments declined sequentially from first-quarter of 2014 by 1.5%. Jean Philippe Bouchard, Research Director at IDC said that in this moment the tablet market is still impacted by the rise of large-screen smartphones called phablets.

This study also offers some details about how many tablets have managed producers to ship in this quarter. As expected, Apple is still on the first place with more than 13.3 million tablets shipped, followed by Samsung with a market share of 17.2% ( 8.2 million units shipped). On the third place we have Lenovo with a market share of 4.9% (2.4 million units shipped), followed by Asus and Acer with 4.6%, respectively 2.0%.