We all know that Apple is unveiling something next Tuesday, on October 23rd and that something is most likely the iPad Mini. Well, they’re also expected to announce a new iBooks, the new 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro and maybe a new Mac Mini. Now there’s an inside source close to an UK retailer saying that the product should debut in about a week after the launch.

That would fit the usual Apple tradition and in the case we’re supposed to get the new tablet in stores on November 2nd. You should keep in mind that the source is said to be reliable here and the rumor seems to be a pretty solid one. The device will be available in the US and UK around the same time and maybe other countries as well. Preorders are expected to start on October 26th, which is the Friday following the Tuesday announcement next week.

Just a quick recap of the rumors concerning the 7.85 inch iPad: 16:9 aspect ratio, a battery that’s 3 times the one of the iPhone 5 in size, Lightning port, big dual speakers at the bottom, back camera with big lens, maybe a 5 MP sensor and a starting storage version of 8 GB. That one is rumored to cost $250 and we’ll also get the usual, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB storage versions. Who’s getting one?