With the Nexus 7 looking like a hot seller, with the official figures revolving around 1 million units a month, it’s time to analyze what the 7 inch slate market is about right now. Taiwanese makers are saying that they expect 7 inch Android tablets to get 70% of non iPad tablets.

7 inch Android tablets are expected to take up at least 70% of total sales volume of non iPad slates, while the remaining 30% will be 10 inch Android and Windows 7 RT models. Since people who handle the supply chain are making these claims we tend to believe they’re actually right. Sources point out that 10 inch Android slates may experience a drop in demand and be replaced with Windows 8/RT tablets and 7 inch Android models.

Many device makers are already giving up on making further 10 inch tablets and turning to Windows 8 models or 7 inchers. If you want to know details regarding the tablet market in China, if you exclude the iPad, that’s very popular all over the world, players like Lenovo, Samsung and ASUS are finding it hard to compete with local white box players. The competitive pricing is the issue here, with 7 inch models expected to launch with $160 price tags to compete for the busy market.