After reading so much praise about the iPad Air, I had to test one myself and see what the deal is. I was surprised to see that it’s not actually the instant hit fairy tale device I was expecting and that was clear from the unboxing, as shown below.


The product goes for $499 in the basic version and it comes with the already famous 64 bit Apple A7 dual core 1.4 GHz CPU, plus 1 GB of RAM and a 5 megapixel BSI camera at the back. Inside the box we find the usual charger and Lightning USB cable, plus some leaflets on how to use the slate. The first thing you notice is how slim this device actually is.

It measures 7.5 mm, which is a huge progress from the 9.4 mm of the predecessor and it also lost 16 mm in width, compared to the iPad 4. This model is 28% lighter than its predecessor and the strange sensation here is that you’re using a flimsy plastic slate, even though you’re holding aluminum in your hand. The screen is the same Retina 9.7 incher as before, so no change here.

Also, this model seems too portrait oriented for a big tablet of the year 2013. I thought that 10 inch tablets would be about panoramic experiences by now… Anyway, we’ll address this topic and more in a full review in a few days.