Batman Arkham Origins is the type of game you only play on iOS because you’re a fan of Batman or simply because you like free games. The title came out at the end of October, together with the game with the same name on the consoles and PC.


We’re dealing here with a beat ’em up title that resembles Injustice, since it comes from the same developer after all, Nether Realms. The game is available for free and it’s in fact a freemium, since it sometimes require you to spend cash if you want the more complex Batman suits or simply an extra stamina boost.

Arkham origins has you spending stamina points each time you’re in a fight and when you run out of them, you’re forced to wait a few minutes or spend golden coins to get back points. Said coins are quite hard to get, so you probably have to spend real money for them. The combat is very easy to figure out, since it only involves tapping the screen, pressing it with two fingers to parry or swiping for a variety of combos.

You can unlock and upgrade an impressive number of abilities and suits, so this content is actually the strong point of the game. There are lots of missions to perform, but they all feel the same, since the foes are very similar and so are the backgrounds, let alone Batman’s movements. There’s the occasion boss fight, with Copperhead or Deadshot, but they’re not as rewarding as you think.

We give this game a 7 out of 10 and you can download it from here.