As usual with fresh Apple devices, the latest iPads got covered in gold, courtesy of a Gold Genie customization. I’m talking about the iPad Mini Retina and the iPad Air, both with their cases polished with gold.


The price of the devices will go up to $2300 and at least for that you get the 128 GB version. This year models like HTC One and iPhone 5s already got the Gold Genie treatment and now it’s the turn of the tablets. For a standard iPad Air you now pay $499 to $949, so you end up paying more than double the amount for the golden 128 GB compared to the original model.

Together with the device you will get a special luxury box that matches the golden iPad. That’s the way cigars or fine drinks are stored and I imagine there’s a precious leather pouch in there to cover up your toy. I wonder why companies like Gold Genie don’t tackle other materials like platinum or rose gold…