If you saved money to buy an iPad 2 with a lower price this Christmas, you might want to think again, since there’s a new generation of Apple tablets in a couple of months from now. Sources in Apple’s supply chain are saying that manufacturers have begun shipping parts and components for the third gen iPad, that will launch in 3-4 months.

It also appears that manufacturers have reduced the supply of components for the second generation iPad, making room for the newcomer. The info is taken from a DigiTimes report, that claims OEM production of the iPad 2 remains at 14-15 million units in Q4 2011, but decline is expected in early 2012. The production will drop to 4-5 million units in the first quarter of 2012, preparing the market for the debut of new iPads, according to the same insiders. The new iPad is rumored to feature a Retina Display, thinner profile, improved camera and maybe a more powerful CPU.

The production will start in January, according to Kevin Chang, analyst with Citigroup. Production is expected to increase in February ahead of the product’s debut in March or April. Will you get one?