With the announcement of the iPad 2 this week, Apple’s rivals have started feeling the heat and Samsung’s Mobile VP, Lee Don-Joo is already making claims about the competition. He says that the new generation of iPads is very thin, so Samsung will have to improve the inadequate parts on their tablets.

We remind you that the iPad 2 is a mere 8.8mm thick, even thinner than the iPhone 4 and clearly thinner than the 10.9mm Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Samsung official also said that the iPad 2’s pricing might make them decide on a lower price for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, or at least one that’s lower than expected.

Meanwhile, we think about the new member of the Galaxy Tab family, the one with a 8.9 inch diagonal, that will be revealed at CTIA in the States. Will it be a worthy challenger for the iPad 2?