Thanks to the folks of and their fan, Alin Vatamanu, reporting from Germany we managed to feel a bit of the atmosphere surrounding the launch of the iPad 2 in Europe. In Germany hundreds of Apple fans and future iPad 2 buyers were waiting in from the Apple Store for hours, before the product was launched.

The new iPad was welcomed with enthusiasm, applause, shouts and exclamations. People were sitting on the floor, on chairs and on papers in order to keep their place in front of the store and get their beloved gadget, in the newest version. One of moments of the waiting was caught on camera and it’s shown in the video below.

Apple Store representatives offered coffee and tea to the people in line, who were chanting “iPad Zwei” (iPad 2) minutes before the product was on sale. This is just another sign of how the Apple brand conquered the world and created huge fans all over the globe. The iPad 2 dual core slate took off in 25 countries yesterday and it will most likely add millions of units more to the already huge sales of the device.