The iPad 2 is once again in the news, this time together with LG. Turns out that the iPad 2 screens were leaking light on the edges and these are LG panels that we’re dealing with. Faulty displays have been blamed on LG Display, that will have to reduce shipments in Q1.

Apple moved their orders from LG to Samsung in Q1 as a follow-up to the problems. This makes Samsung reach 4 million iPad panel shipments and turns the company that recently had a beef with Apple into its number one supplier when it comes to screen. LG now reached 3.2 million panel shipments in Q1 2011.

DigiTimes has a source saying that the leakage problem with the LG panels has been solved and that LG will resume their usual deal with Apple in Q2. Will the Cupertino giant trust LG Display after this problem?