We’ve seen Android and its apps ported to loads of different platforms, while iOS has the habit of staying on Apple gear. This time an incredible port has taken place, as a PlayBook tablet was caught on camera running iOS apps.

A developer called Businesscat200, from the Crackberry Forums is responsible with this idea and he supports it with a bunch of clips that prove his endeavour is real. Businesscat2000 actually created a mod that’s an “iOS player of sorts”, as he describes it. It runs iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps on different platforms, so it’s safe to say it’s an emulator. One of the developer’s videos shows iOS games running on the PlayBook, while another shows the iOS version of Angry Birds running on Windows.

At this moment the emulator doesn’t show iOS app icons on the PlayBook, but the emulation software is still able to load up to 10 iOS apps at a time. There are also some problems with the port, like the fact that apps only sho a 480 x 320 pixel resolution, so they will seem tiny on the PlayBook’s 7 inch screen.

Also, there’s the time problem, since every app takes a bit under an hour to work through the player. Businesscat2000 hopes to make his software public and offered his services to test any iOS app out there on the BlackBerry tablet. Any ideas?

[youtube cXjmDhhntIU 660 520]

[youtube ES6V4MIDvsU 660 520]

[youtube NcQ_7ALmflE 660 520]