The folks of The Verge have some inside info on Windows Blue, that’s supposed to also include Internet Explorer 11. The first batch of screenshots revealed a big NT kernetl change for the OS and now IE 11 is in the mix.


Microsoft previously integrated IE 10 into Win 8 and now IE 11 makes it to Windows Blue. We have no details regarding the features of the browser or if it will be available to Windows 7 users or not. Speculations say that the Windows Blue preview version will be released for public download in the coming months, with IE 11 included for testing purposes. It’s very likely that Windows Blue will debut later this year with new hardware form factors, so tests are in order around summer time.

Microsoft didn’t even comment on Windows Blue yet, neither confirming or denying its existence. The OS was however confirmed by a recent job posting spotted on the web recently. There’s also a Blue update in the works for Windows Phone as well and other services like Excited about Blue?